Testimonials - STREAM Market 2016
Fairmont Miramar Hotel | Santa Monica, CA | June 6–7, 2016


What past attendees say about Stream Market

headshot of Mia Goldwyn

Mia Goldwyn

Chief Content Officer, StyleHaul

"As a member of Stream Market's advisory board last year, I found it to be a thoughtful network of industry leaders to discuss all things content in a casual yet meaningful way. As our industry changes rapidly, from the way brands interact with content, to the emergence of new platforms and technologies, Stream Market provides a destination to discuss how those changes impact content creation, distribution and the consumer's journey. As co-chair of Stream Market, I look forward to another year of collaborative and thought-provoking dialogue among our peers."

headshot of Ivana Kirkbride

Ivana Kirkbride

VP & Head of Content, Vessel

"It could not be a more exciting time in video. With the explosion of next-gen OTT, SVOD and alternative digital distribution models in the last year, we've seen tremendous demand for multi-platform content now more than ever. As the leading conference and marketplace dedicated to streaming video and online original programming, I am thrilled to be a part of a forum that allows the independent production community to come together with leading media executives, agencies and brands to engage in critical dialogue about the future of our industry."

headshot of Kathleen Grace

Kathleen Grace

Chief Creative Officer, New Form Digital

"I'm in the business of online originals and Stream Market is a key place for everyone with a stake in the space to share ideas, make deals and envision the future of the business."

headshot of Michael Klein

Michael Klein

EVP of Original Content, MTV

"You absolutely have to come to Stream Market. It is the only place you are going to find the leadership and the next generation that are breaking through in digital content."

headshot of Danny Fishman

Danny Fishman


"As digital video has come of age, Stream Market has established itself as the premier destination for all of the relevant players across the digital content spectrum to come together and collaborate in networking, thought leadership, and deal making. Their conferences include world class speakers and key decision makers and have become the must attend event for anyone within the digital video industry."

headshot of Jesse Lipscombe

Jesse Lipscombe

Partner and CMO, Mosaic Entertainment

"Stream Market has proven to be the single most potent creative engine I have ever attended. Each year we create a project that was born in the seats of the Stream Market."

headshot of Catherine Tait

Catherine Tait

Chairman and Founder, iThentic

"Stream Market is the event for digital-first content producers looking to connect with the key buyers in the burgeoning online video marketplace. We were delighted to make a deal with STARZ’ UnionPool channel."

headshot of Jon Burk

Jon Burk

Director Content Marketing & Branded Strategy, Al Roker Entertainment

"Stream Market is an essential gathering for content creators, brands and distributors to come together and discuss strategy, while learning more about the new opportunities within this exploding digital world."

headshot of Joan Prowse

Joan Prowse

Producer, CineFocus Canada

"It was my first time at Stream Market and I will definitely come back again. The access is great and the program is relevant with top-notch people in the business."

headshot of Colin Kimball

Colin Kimball

CEO & Founder, Small Screen

"Stream Market was eye-opening and a great venue for learning, sharing and networking. A truly valuable experience."

headshot of Criss Hajek

Criss Hajek

Head of Production, Fadoo Productions

"Overall I found Stream Market to be a terrific conference and the insight provided by key professionals in this new frontier of digital media was fascinating."

headshot of Catherine Clinch

Catherine Clinch

Media/Technology/Content Specialist, Cultural Weekly

"Stream Market offers a two day immersive experience in online content. It provides up to the minute information on what is happening right now - then sends you back into the world ready to move forward with confidence."

headshot of Patrick Moug

Patrick Moug

Director & Producer, Buoy 22 Films

"For an independent film producer outside of LA, this was a fantastic opportunity."

headshot of Jacqueline Tobacco

Jacqueline Tobacco

VP Development, Engel Entertainment

"Stream Market brought together the top television and digital execs with the leading producers of content in an inspiring, fun environment where innovation and creativity flowed freely!"

headshot of Bryan Ward

Bryan Ward

Manager, Content Marketing, CBC/Radio-Canada

"A melting pot of digital first everything, and those looking how to adapt to the digital-first age. A great way to keep ahead of the curve whether you're a creator, supplier or brand."

A ​Discovery Digital Networks Success Story from Coyote Peterson

headshot of Coyote Peterson

My name is Coyote Peterson, I live in Ohio and not too long ago my connections to the entertainment industry were absolutely zero. That all changed the day I read about and decided to attend the inaugural Stream Market in 2013. The first day of the conference, dressed in full adventure gear and looking like I was on safari, I attracted a great deal of attention and after participating in the speed pitches with network executives I caught the eye of Discovery Digital Networks. My design for Breaking Trail - a fast paced, educational animal adventure series - seemed as if it could be a perfect fit in the digital realm, and with Discovery Digital in the process of seeking original content for its Animalist Network, the timing could not have been better.

Fast forward one year later and I was with my crew in the wilderness filming the first season of my very first network show. Ultimately Breaking Trail debuted to rave reviews and an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences across the globe who had been craving old school style animal content with a modern twist.

With Season 2 now in production and slated for a Fall release, I will never forget my experience attending that first conference and all of the success it garnered. There's no question, Stream Market may be the best kept secret and the greatest opportunity in entertainment. If a kid from Ohio could pull it off...trust me, so can you....all you have to do, is go for it!

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